I want to dedicate some space here for all the things I enjoy (or used to enjoy). But a list should do for now.

Current main interests:
- Danganronpa
- Nintendo DS Games (currently playing Animal Crossing Wild World, Pokemon Black,
Rayman DS and Tomodachi Collection (eng patch))
- Minecraft
- Yandere Simulator
- BJD (resin dolls)
- Itabags

Old interests and stuff I'm not all that into right now but I still quite like it and want to give it some attention here too (wow that's a mouthful):
Cartoons/Tv shows/Anime/Manga:
- Classic MLP (gen 3 was my childhood)
- Invader Zim (my 1st fandom ever)
- Steven Universe (not into it anymore but I was for a very very long time)
- Transformers (my fav part was Prime, I even have it on DVD)
- Black Butler (first anime/manga I was into not counting Pokemon, Digimon and such as a kid)
- Jojo (especially part 5's Guard Squad they're the best)
- Madoka Magica (cries cries cries)
- Magical Girl Raising Project (slowly reading through the novels)
- Happy Sugar Life (delightfully horrible)
- Mo Dao Zu Shi (I need to get back to reading the novel)

- Retro PC games (CHILDHOOOOD)
- TF2 (the best game. No discussion)
- Overwatch (used to be a filthy Junkrat main)
- The Arcana (stan Julian Devorak or perish)
- Ambition games (Dream Girlfriend, Fairy Doll, Moe Can Change, Animal Boyfriend, Dream Boyfriend - played some of these for YEARS)
- Many other mobile games (I really like mobile games ok)

Other stuff:
- Model Horses (Schleich, Collecta and such)
- Papercraft
- Decoden
- Resin crafts (I used epoxy)
- Japan-related stuff
- Sylvanian Families
- Equestrian stuff
- Dolls (such as Monster High)