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Those of you who don't know about this game or never even heard about it's developer - how? In short: this indie game about a murderous schoolgirl is mostly known for it's terrible coding and the dev being a weird guy.
Started following this game's development around the beginning of 2015, followed it ever since and like hell I am going to stop just because of drama or the dev being the way he is. I really like playing the game and that's all that matters to me honestly. I play games to relax not to worry about some drama.
The game is about Ayano Aishi, a girl who has been emotionless and apathetic her whole life. As she starts the second year of highschool, she bumps into a boy and immediately falls in love with him, feeling strong emotions for the first time in her life. But as she later sees him talking to another girl, she becomes jealous and decides that the boy who made her world feel alive for the first time must be hers and only hers at all cost. Even if it meant she had to harm or even kill someone. Over the course of the game 10 girls will fall in love with Ayano's Senpai, each of them one week after another. The goal is simple: to get rid of each one of them, and there are plenty of ways to do that: you can just murder them, which would require you to get rid of all the evidence or you'd get arrested, you can gossip about them until they stop going to school, you can even just befriend them and ask them to leave your crush alone. It's all up to you, as the developer wanted to make a game with plenty of choices how to win and I personally think he achieved that goal. As of writing this the game is still in development and the first rival has been released some time ago.