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12.09.2021 Update

Added more art! Let's goooo

21.04.2021 Update

Been working on some art and sewing lately, but nothing worthy of an update post, so I was left with no posts for a long time. I didn't like that so I decided I'm going to put these on a separate page and leave the main page for stuff like the most recent uploads. WIP currently.

11.02.2021 Update

Working more on my favourites page today! I'm planning to add more photos but today's update will focus mostly on creating the pages for individual things and adding text to them.

08.02.2021 Update

Started working more on my Favourites page, take a look! (I kept the old list too, since it had a lot more things in it... maybe I'll put it in the About page. It's *about* time I work on this one as well) I want all my main interests to have their own page, where I can write something about them, what I like about these things, when I got into them etc. etc., and they will be linked from these images.
I also made a lot of other things but I need to take photos of themmm... ghh I don't really like taking photos of my creations, I feel like they look 1000 times worse when I do it. Anyway, let's say that progress on my itabag is going well ^_^
And added a few drawings too, and a cool little lockscreen I made for myself!

04.01.2021 Update

Let's start this new year working hard as never before to create new stuff. I noticed that the thing that stops my creativity the most are the social media so currently I'm working on stopping the habit of mindless browsing through the content that doesn't even interest me all that much. That could be considered my New Year Resolution I guess? No social media? I mean I gradually stopped liking all the social media, and I wasn't even active in any lately, so it's not going to be that hard to just break off of them for good.
After taking out my gem box I started (and finished) another deco project, it will soon be in the crafts section.
...I should propably upload my previous deco projects as well, because without that the words 'another project' don't make much sense.
I'm also working on making pins, my plan is to have enough handmade pins to fill my itabag! Uploaded them here, take a look!

17.12.2020 Update

Added some stuff to the Favourites section! I want to eventually expand it so that every main interest of mine has it's own page and all smaller interests have at least some space dedicated to them.
Also added some more Kork things

14.12.2020 Update

Added some of the galleries! With square picture layout. Making my art into squares wasn't hard, most of it was prepared like that for instagram anyway. I like how it all looks now.
Also added a not-so-secret page dedicated to the favest of my favs :)

13.12.2020 Update

Once again started working on my neocities, but this time I had an idea for the theme - I did a few versions of the HTML part before but was always stuck on what colors to use or how should the buttons look, and then I ended not uploading it online. Not saying this here will be final but this is a start for me to finally put something here. All the subpages will be updated in upcoming days.
Still thinking about how do I want to make my gallery? Galleries will be a big part of the site after all! One for my crafts, for my art, photos etc... Putting all my pictures on an external site definitely makes it easier though.
Also I need to make a neat button with link to my site for others to put on their sites :D I've seen a few others do the same